Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant or virtual private assistance (VA, VPA) can take over all tasks for his client that distract him from his actual core business or rob valuable time of his private or business life and do not have to be executed by himself. The collaboration is virtual, meaning the VPA interacts with its customers e. g. by phone, mail, chat or video chat. Read more at Wikipedia.


I work as a virtual assistant, customer service representative and copywriter with the usual high reliability and availability for up to 35 hours a week. Below are some areas where I can be of help to you.

Virtual Assistant

I will sort and answer your emails, come back to you only with the important ones. I could put together PDFs, make offers and handle all other office work. I work highly organized and thoroughly. I can manage your schedule, book your flights (know of a lot of flight hacks) and remember you of important appointments.

Customer Support

I will give your customers perfect service and answer all their questions. I have worked with ticket and helpdesk systems like Zendesk and OTRS before.

Writer and Blogger

I can write your blog posts, news articles and even do social and technical writing. If you’ve just set up your blog or are experienced, I can also monetarize it e. g. by using affiliate marketing or building an email list.

Web Development

I can create your blog, website, optimize it for search engines (SEO) and make it look awesome. I only used WordPress the last years, but am also familiar with Joomla. Of course I can assist you in finding the best webhosting company or do all the work for you out of the box.

Manage your ebay Sales

Yes, I have much experience on ebay and can handle your sales and all customer complaints (if any). Even shipping can be prepared by me.

Social Media Management

I can handle all your social media accounts like Instagram, facebook, Twitter and keep the contact to your prospectives and clients alive. I can also manage your facebook group and get it to a lively place for sharing experiences.

Digital Marketing

Here it comes all mentioned above together. If you are a startup, a small or medium company, this is interesting for you.

Media Editor

I can cut your podcasts or videos and upload them on Youtube, iTunes, Soundcloud etc. perfectly tagged and described.

Are you interested in my service, do you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs? Please send me your request via the contact form and I will reply within 24 hours.