IT Security

Many small and medium-sized enterprises are not adequately involved in the topics of IT security management and preventive measures as well as IT security processes. However, the companies‘ spending on IT security is increasing. There is an increasing awareness of the need to invest in IT security. Good, because the costs of resolving burglaries in systems can be much greater than preventive measures.

Data theft, viruses, sabotage, and hacker attacks are just a few of the dangers faced by companies with increasing levels of digitization.

A trained IT security manager or IT security officer reduces the risk of security breaches by taking precautionary measures and keeping an eye on the use of IT in your business, in its entirety and in every detail. He has an extensive understanding of the network and secures networks and devices in the company. It detects weaknesses in the IT structure and corrects them according to previously defined measures. In the area of ​​risk analysis, he names and weights risks and initiates risk minimization measures. On the basis of ISO 27001:2017, he defines methods and processes in the field of IT security and designs and establishes an information security management system (ISMS) in your company. Since one of the biggest safety factors is the human being himself, the employees are trained in the IT security methods under his leadership.

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