IT Consulting

Since 2010 I work as an IT-Consultant for private users, students, families, founders, self-employed, associations and small companies. My customers can expect swift and uncomplicated help with all questions and problem solving from me. Demanding users, small to mid size companies, lawyers, law firms and medical practice consult me regarding their IT security. I mostly like to advise those customers, that know the value of high consulting quality. What can I do for you?

I am not only an IT allrounder, but also have worked before as… IT Consultant, IT Service Technician, Rollout Employee, Fieldservice Technician, First Level Supporter, Service Desk Agent, doing IMAC/R/D services and 1st/2nd Level Customer Support… for various businesses of all company sizes in Germany.

Some bigger customers were…

Volkswagen Retail Dienstleistungs-GmbH (VGRD), AUDI AG, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (Services) GmbH, Thomas Hoof Gruppe, DZ BANK, Wacker Chemie AG, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG, ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH, Aesculap AG (B.Braun AG), Unilever Productions GmbH, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG, Ministerium für ländlichen Raum und Verbraucherschutz, R+V Versicherung AG, dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG.

General IT-Help (Remote and Onsite)

My consulting includes help with all PC/data processing/IT-questions, so desktop-PC’s, laptops, hard- and software, Windows 7/10, networks, internet connection, router and telephone installations, multimedia and other information technology or electronics. I’ll consult you via telephone and remote maintenance as well as onsite.

Manufacturer independent purchase advice and sourcing

You can’t decide which hardware to buy? Together we explore your have to-, should- and could-requirements and your budget. I will search the matching components for you. Should you make a decision based on my recommendations, you can buy the components through me and let me configure them individually for you.

Your IT in best form

Your hardware such as desktop PC’s, laptop and smartphone should always be in top shape configuration and work fast. Unfortunately that is not always the case; many people buy a new piece of hardware instead of fine tuning the old one, rendering the new purchase unnecessary.


I’ll install your new hardware and get in running. During their lifecycle their might be an occasional service necessary. In case of failure, I will do the analysis and repair it, if that is reasonable and with your approval. I do upgrades of RAM, hard disk, graphic card, extensions with SSD, etc. as well.

Induvidual Desktops

Do you want more than a computer off the rack? Let me know your needs and I’ll configure your computer individually.

Lease return Desktops

For small to mid size companies, lawyers and law firms I offer lease return computers (DELL, Lenovo, HP) ranging from 120€ to 300€. They are usually 2-3 years old, have been professionally cleaned and sometimes equipped with SSD’s. Technically and optically, these pieces are in my opinion not distinguishable from new ones, unbelievably fast and therefore a blessing for any office related applications.

Set up Peripherals

I will set up printers, scanners and multi purpose hardware for you and every workspace in your office(s).


I’ll install and configure programmes for Windows. If necessary and reasonable, e.g. after a virus attack, I’ll install Windows 7 or Windows 10 new (new installation), set up all the drivers and save your private data.

Windows Cleaning

Has your computer or laptop become slow? Often it helps to remove unnecessary applications like crapware, clean the registry and remove data scrap. I do that for you with the help of certified tools. This will take between 10 to 60 minutes for each machine.

Network and Internet

Telephone installations, DSL-router and firewalls should not only be set up but properly configured. Of course I set up all connected telephones and fax machines as well. Due to expertise in all relevant access technologies such as ISDN, xDSL, UMTS, GPRS, LTE and satellite. I can set up your internet access on any piece of hardware. I was able to gain some specialty knowledge with ADSL (Annex J) on the countryside; even if you get rejected or receive bad DSL-values from providers, feel free to contact me.

E-Mail accounts

I will set up your e-mail accounts as webmail, with Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird.

Everything connected

I’ll do network planning, operation and assistance for companies. Besides that, I can set up a NAS and check the firewall to run perfectly smooth.

Blogs and Websites

No matter if it is your blog, your personal website or a professional company website, I can assist with the set up and support or do it all for you. In particular I redesign existing WordPress-Sites and check if the content is easy to grasp, that there is no squiggly design and the overall user experience (UX, User experience). I set up wikis, discussion boards and photo galleries as well.

Social Media Management

There are many social media channels: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube and much more. To reach a target group or as a marketing and sales channel, these paths are indispensable for some companies. I’ll bundle the channels, place posts and do the interaction with interested parties.

Photos and videos of your event

I make photos and videos of your event and if you like, I’ll also take care of the design and print of memory cards, photo albums, posters and more.

Windows-UX and limiting data trash

For new and flawlessly set up Windows systems I’ll configure the OS settings and work with command line scripts.

Windows privacy settings

For Windows 7 and Windows 10 I developed a registry customization and tools that change the privacy settings so that Windows sends almost no data about user behaviour and you have only the important applications running. Unfortunately this tool has to be executed after every major Windows update.


You ordered a new telephone connection or changed provider? I will install your internet/DSL- and telephone connection. I will also set up any features you wish: Telephony (POTS/ISDN/VoIP), Internet (DSL/LTE/Cable/Sat), WLAN, DECT, end devices (Telefax, analogue telephone, ISDN-telephones, DECT mobile phones), caller list, caller ID, automatic firmware updates, notifications about system events etc.

SoHo Security

If you like, I will also put emphasis on security, the Wifi encoding, activating the MAC address filter, the night switch and blocking expensive caller ID’s.

All providers supported

I support all fixed network and cable provider, for example Telekom Germany, Congstar, Vodafone (former Arcor), Telefonica/O2, 1&1 Telecom, easybell, QSC, Plusnet, NeckerCom, SWT (Tübingen), mnet (Munich), Kabel Deutschland, German broad band providers and all mobile service provider such as T-Mobile/D1, Vodafone/D2, E-Plus, BASE, Telefonica/O2, 1&1,,, ALDI Talk and so on, as well as providers for internet via satellite, like Orbitcom (Astra connect), SkyDSL (Eutelsat), tooway (Eutelsat).


Do you have a thoroughly worked out data safety concept? What if a virus or a trojan makes its way into your network? How long has it been since your last backup? If it’s too late already I’ll help with removing viruses, trojans, encryption trojans and other malware (virus removal). Have you thought about what a snatcher could do with your private or company data? The value of your laptop can be replaced, but the loss of data or leaked data can be upscale and awkward. You could be prepared if you encrypt your hard drives, SSDs and removable media.

Data Recovery

Have you lost data by accidentally deleting it? Often it is possible to save data from hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards as long as the „deleted“ data has not yet been overwritten. By deleting, you only delete the index entry but not the whole data itself.

Subnetting and VLAN

For computers with sensible application that need access to the internet but are not supposed to work in the same environment as other devices, I will set up a sub-network. It is recommended to do this when free Wifi is offered to customers.

Establish a MAC filter

A drastic increase in Wifi and LAN security can be achieved through filtering MAC addresses. Every device has a world wide unique MAC. If you put a lot of emphasis on security, you only allow devices in your network, from which you know the MAC address. All other devices cannot enter your network. Even if an intruder were to crack your Wifi password, he would need to go a very long way to gain access to your network.

Proactive protection against malware and blackmail trojans

Ransomware, TeslaCrypt, Locky, WannaCry (WanaDecrypt0r 2.0) – Against each and every one of those you could have protected yourself with simple measurements and behaviour. Through a firewall, a virus scanner, operating system updates on a regular basis, an adjusted back-up strategy and trained employees with a clear mind. I will work out an IT-security strategy that will let you sleep at night and protect you from the worst in a worst case scenario.

Further Services

Photo editing, batch processing. IT security, e.g. encryption of hard drives, removable media, e-mail e.g. for lawyers, law firms and investigative press. Build/administrate network, internet connection, routers, switches. Bring your IT to it’s best performance. Equip your branch with rock-solid, ultra fast desktop clients. Set up your mail accounts (webmail, Outlook, Thunderbird). Webhosting consulting and WordPress hosting. Website and blog creation with WordPress or HTML/CSS. Basic SEO (without WordPress-plugins) & SEA. Get your private VPN server, work like you were in another country. Mobile and telecom contract consulting.

Profiles on other platforms

All my profiles on,, emploimee, frelancermap,, IT-PROJEKTE.DE, projektwerk and have been deleted, since the local based matching does not meet my needs and these platforms have not provided real value to me anyway.