Customer Reviews

The experiences of others are more important than clever self-portrayals. The following testimonials are „real“ and published except for the omission of paragraphs as they were sent to me. The originals are German and have been translated from German to English.


The outstanding professional competence of Mr. Wallis in combination with a very reasonable price-performance ratio is pleasantly striking. Likewise, I have the experience that Mr. Wallis is very committed and interested in customer satisfaction. I have been able to call him several times after completing the order and receive patient information again and again.

Christine Z., Esslingen (private customer)

With Mr. Wallis as an IT expert, I find myself in the best hands as a private customer. Problems at IT facilities are promptly and friendliest resolved by him. His on-site service is exemplary.

Dietmar Nanz, Esslingen (private customer)

We are very satisfied with the support provided by Mr. Wallis. We bought a computer from him; even with tricky problems e. g. on our telephone system, he investigates the causes and fixes them quickly and reliably. Above all, he explains his work in such a way that IT is not a sealed book for us, but that we can understand the technical processes well. We are pleased to have found a competent partner and will gladly return to him.

R. and G., Ostfildern (private customers)

Especially for the inexperienced, a new IT consultant is always a matter of trust. Will he sell me more than I need? Is he available when I call him? For Mr Wallis, I am sure that he will be a profit for every small and medium-sized enterprise. For me he made only small changes to the network before, reinstalled the customer PCs and now our DSL access has become faster and cheaper by a tariff change. Our website has been rebuilt so that we are excellently found. Even in difficult situations, he was very quickly available; a close agreement is always possible with him. Above all, he advises comprehensively and thinks with all options himself.

Andrea Haspel, Esslingen (business customer)

My entry into the world of comuters started relatively late. Correspondingly, I still struggled at the beginning and in the new years, especially because so much wanted to be learned. I initially received advice from family. But first, the counselors never had time, and second, I got too slow for the boys, and they became impatient. So I was looking for someone who could explain the matter to me plausibly and who especially came to my home […]. Some wanted to help me, but no one wanted to come to my house. Since I got a tip from a friend. So I made the acquaintance of Mr. Wallis. […] He agreed to work with me, and above all to fulfill my own desire to help me on my own PC. His financial conditions were not exaggerated either. In the meantime I can say that it could not have been better. He helps me solve problems so that I can understand it. Possibly. He also gives me his advice in writing so that I can read about forgetting. He also supports me in advising and buying new devices, such as B. a new computer at acceptable prices. In summary, I can say that I am completely satisfied with the work and can only warmly recommend it.

Hansjörg Durst, Esslingen (private customer)